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Our services

  • Translation and certification of all documents from german, english and slowenian language to bosnian, croatian and serbian language and vice versa
  • Consultation about the law in german and slowenian language
  • Completing and submitting of accusations, complaints, written submits on german, austrian, swiss and slowenian courts on german and slowenian language
  • Completing of documentation and converting of accompanieng forms for slowenian, austrian and swiss pensions.
  • Return of pension contributions.
  • Composition of authorisations on german, english and slowenian language
  • Composition of documentation and leading of legal actions for divorces of international marriages and giving up citizenships
  • Consulting, marketing and research of market in BiH
  • translating of bussines correspondence for local and foreign countries
  • Searching for qualified workers and processing of documents for companies in BIH and foreign companies in and outside BIH
  • Assistance and advice concerning law and court processes for people from BIH working and living outside of BIH and other services in BIH
  • Representatives of the Au-Pair program for Germany
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