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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you send translations per fax or e-mail?
    Yes, we do.
  • Is your only office in Bihać?
  • No, we have also an office in Bosanska Dubica.
  • What is the Au-Pair program?
  • The Au-Pair is a program for young people who want to live in german families, who want to take care of children and do other housework. This is a program for girls and boys between 18 or 24 years and with basic knowledge of the german language. The program is for a period from 6 until 12 months. This means an apartment and food with 260 € of montly pocket money. In this is included a free german language course. You have the opportunity to stay for a year in Austria after the residence in Germany.
  • Can boys take part in the Au-Pair program?
  • Yes, but it is more difficult to find a family with these requirements.
  • Can I apply for the Au-Pair program for a shorter period (f.ex. 3 months)?
  • No, 6 months are minimum.
  • Can I stay for a longer period than 1 year in Germany as an Au-Pair?
  • No, but you can apply to go to Austria for 1 year.
  • Do you put in order all the neccessary papers for international marriages?
  • Yes. We also participate in marriages.
  • Do you put in order all the neccessary documents for divorces?
  • Yes. Everything what is neccessary to show our courts and is related to translation of documentation.
  • How much does a removal from the citizenship of BiH cost?
  • 1.700,00-
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